Rikaraya Fishing Park Kota Belud

The concept of fishing, catch and release

The first time I know about this pool is that when I was brought here by without the plan after the completion of Round 2 Starling League organized by Gerbang Caster Sabah.

The first trip was to add my interest to try a second time after successfully raising a few friends of juvenile snappers use soft plastic and lures.

In short, Rikaraya Fishing Pond is located in the district of Kota Belud Sabah. 
  • Estimates of about one hour drive from Kota Kinabalu city. 
  • Consists of four fishing ponds.
  • Jalan Kuala Abai, 10 kilometer of Kota Belud, Sabah 89158 Kota Belud. 
  • Google Maps : 6.387012,116.3581.
However, I am more focused on allowing an A polishing method. 
  • Fee for pool A, RM20 per-entry. 
  • Length of casting, until 6.00pm. That means if you arrive early, there remain long term for your casting. If you arrive late in the evening, then the fixed casting will expire at 6.00pm and costs are the same-RM20. 
  • Pool A mandatory catch and release concept / catch and release.
Facilities etc
  • Seafood restaurant. 
  • The restaurant is open 9.00am to 11.00pm every day except Thursday. 
  • Prayer. 
  • Live shrimp bait for bottom fishing is also available for sale - RM0.30 each.
Views about Pool A.
Views about Pool A.
Live bait shrimp that is sold at RM0.30 each.
Red snappers / Mangrove Jack are concerned.
My initial expectations, the fish that got greedy GT
because the initial run chase continued into the middle of the pond.
Daiwa Ryoga 1016 + Major Craft Slicer 8-16lb + Rapala Skitter Pop 9cm.
Red snappers who are obese.

And the second, also using the soft plastic.
The last strike from Ustad Jazlan, but rabut as victims
managed to sneak into the tire.
Contact Info
Mobile : 013-851 8575

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