Tiger 5

Saltwater Fishing Game

From now until the end of May 2015. Our pool is open for bookings for Monday to Sunday. RM2,000 for 6 hours. Catch and release only. Maximum 10 people. RM2,000 should be deposited to us in advance to make sure the day is reserved for you. Our location is in Changkat Keruing, Daerah Manjungt, Perak.

Between them who managed to raise their fish.
For more information, please go to our profile "Five Tiger" or our page "Tiger 5 - Saltwater Fishing Game". We only allow casting with geweng only. Each geweng only allowed 1 hook "barbless". If you are using one hook "barb" and cause many bloody dragon grouper or injury, you are required to buy fish at the cost of RM100 / kg. (No negotiations). This goes same to a lure with 2 or more hooks. If you can agree with our terms and condition. We are happy to welcome you to our game pond. Thank you. 

Our fishing pond environment at large.

Contact : +60126622807 / +60132688188

Jalan Ayer Tawar-Pantai Remis
Kampong Changkat Keruing, Perak, Malaysia

Hours : 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (
Mon ~ Sun)

Email : tigerfive123@gmail.com

Changkat Keruing / Tiger 5
N 04.22.880
E 100.41.435

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E 100.45.754

龍成 Long Chen HOTEL
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