KOLAM Pancing Air Tawar Danau Rimba

KOLAM Pancing Air Tawar Danau Rimba, formerly known RBK new look when it is acquired by a new management headed by Mohd Affendy Moses.

Once it is acquired, the new management has started early by holding a weekly jackpot game every Saturday. It starts from 9.30 pm to 1.30 am with the usual gift offer is worth it for anglers.

In addition to the Weekly Jackpot pool the spokesman, Nur Aisyah Musa known ecah, Lake Forest also offers a package that includes 5 hours of relaxing fishing + 1 free hour of RM32.00 (including Jackpot Monthly payment) and packages starting at midnight chill 11.30 pm until 7:30 am (including Jackpot Monthly Payment).

He said all anglers who fish here are charged only sign of RM25.00 for 3 hours first. Monthly payments include Jackpot followed RM6.00 will be shot in the next hour.

Among the fish species found here is tongsan, catfish, rohu, lekoh, driving, tapah, kaloi, baung, soon hock, catfish and belida.

"We also offer fishing packages for groups, companies and associations interested in fishing in Lake Forest.
Forest Lake Fishing Package Enlivened

Interesting views about Outdoor Fresh Water Fishing Lake Forest.

A regular anglers showcase Lake Forest
one species that successfully landed.
This is the pool owner of Lake Forest, Affendy Moses with his strong man.
Between species Tongsan craze feet
Fishing is fishing in Lake Forest.
Two marshals were checking fishing pond raised catfish.
There were a few assistants are Lake Forest
include driving fish into the pond.
Some carp lying in the basket as soon as the anglers increased.
To feel or want to fish here, you can come to Lot 1170, Jalan Sungai Buaya, 48200 Sungai Choh, Selangor or call +6013 2271071.

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